“Conversations from Gamchung Tea House”

Samstag, 16.04.2016, 20:52 Uhr | Kategorie(n): News Allgemein

High Peaks Pure Earth has translated a post from August 2015 that was enjoyed and circulated by Tibetans on the popular mobile phone app WeChat. On one particular WeChat account alone, the post received more than 4000 views. The author is Lobsang Gyaltsen and the post was originally written in Chinese.

The author writes a series of thoughts which are set off by his regular visits to Woeser Gamchung Sweet Tea House in Lhasa, a popular gathering place to drink tea, chat and eat simple hearty meals. Locals in Lhasa simply call it Gamchung Tea House, gamchung meaning a small box, here is a link to Gamchung’s entry on the travel website TripAdvisor.

The post is valuable for a glimpse into the everyday life in the urban setting of contemporary Lhasa, as experienced by a young resident who works as a teacher.

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