The Dalai Lama Speaks Exclusively To NDTV: Full Transcript (ndtv)

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One of the world’s most revered leaders and a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the Dalai Lama spoke exclusively to NDTV. Below is the full transcript of the interview:

NDTV: Hello and welcome to this very special edition of the NDTV Dialogues, on the show with us His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He is one of the world’s most respected and loved spiritual leaders. He is also a Nobel Laureate for Peace and described by many as a rock star as well. He is joining us and thank you very much Your Holiness for being with us on the NDTV Dialogues.

In your 80th year it’s a time when we see violence around us in the world. Terrorism is being seen as a common threat, whether it’s victims in India, we’ve seen it in Lahore in Pakistan, in Brussels, in Ankara; are you still optimistic for world peace? Buddhism has preached peace throughout, how do you preach world peace at a time like this?

HH The Dalai Lama: Since I think the last 30 years I have serious had discussions with scientists and also some educationists and other knowledgeable people. Then some occasions the scientists they mentioned basic human nature is more compassionate. They have some reasons and I am not going to necessarily repeat the reasons. So then when I heard that I really am convinced now that basic human nature is more compassionate, therefore there is hope. If basic human nature is anger or negative emotion then no hope. And then of course I am Buddhist. So Buddhist literature particularly Nalanda tradition says all Buddha nature, all beings have Buddha nature. So that means alternative nature is positive. So therefore now I’m fully convinced if you make an effort, in a realistic way, not through prayer, not through meditation, but through education, actually today we are going to discuss about that. I think education changes the world. So now existing education system is not adequate. Present existing education mainly has external value, not internal value

NDTV: The irony is that so much of killing and bloodshed is in the name of religion. As a spiritual leader why do you think religion is being distorted across religions to justify violence? Do you think violence can be justified in terms of a Holy war in any sense?


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