Three Tibetans arrested after Tibetan election

Montag, 04.04.2016, 21:41 Uhr | Kategorie(n): News Allgemein, Widerstand in Tibet

Arrests follow their alleged contact with Tibetans in exile

Three Tibetans were arrested last week in what locals believe were reprisals for their participation in discussions on Tibet’s recent elections. Two men, Samdup and Rongsher, and one woman, Lhadon, were arrested at around 10am on 30 March in Matoe County in Golog, eastern Tibet.

Authorities did not give formal reasons for the arrests, but local Tibetans said that they were due to the three participating in a discussion related to the election in different WeChat groups with Tibetans in exile. The three are currently being held at the County’s People Court. Their family members have not been allowed to meet with them.

Tibet’s 2016 election took place on 20 March. Tibetans in 85 locations around the world took part in the vote to elect the next Sikyong, the leader of the Central Tibetan Administration, Tibet’s government in exile. The elections also determined the makeup of the Tibetan parliament in exile. The results of the election will be announced on 27 April.

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Communicating with the outside world is one of numerous crimes that can lead to Tibetans being arrested. Tibetans that are held in unkown locations while being interrogated or awaiting trial are at serious risk of torture. Tell China’s authorities to obey international law and stop torture in Tibet.

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