News of Dalai Lama’s medical treatment prompts long life prayers in Tibet

Montag, 25.01.2016, 20:32 Uhr | Kategorie(n): News Allgemein, special

In response to the news that the Dalai Lama is receiving medical treatment in the U.S., hundreds of Tibetans gathered today (January 25) in the eastern Tibetan area of Kham and prayed for his long life, displaying large images of the exiled Tibetan leader.

Images and footage circulated online showing more than a thousand monks, laypeople and children participating in a prayer ceremony in a monastery in Trehor township, Kardze (Chinese: Ganzi) to pray for the Dalai Lama, who is undergoing prostate treatment at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota from this week. The rare and bold public gathering shows the strength of feeling and loyalty towards the Dalai Lama.

Video circulating online shows hundreds of Tibetan men, women and children seated before a large shrine at a monastery in Trehor, Kardze Tibetan Autonomous County in Kardze Prefecture, Sichuan, chanting the long life prayer for the Dalai Lama. A large image of the Dalai Lama is placed on the shrine, surrounded in khatags (white blessing scarves) and offerings.

Tibetans in Kardze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (in the Tibetan region of Kham) are known for their strong sense of Tibetan identity.

A notice posted on the Dalai Lama’s official website ( stated that the Dalai Lama left Dharamsala on January 19 (2016) to undergo prostate treatment following by a period of rest from the end of January. The website said that his regular engagements would resume in March.

A Tibetan in exile said today that any news about the health of the Dalai Lama is of major concern for Tibetans both inside Tibet and in exile.

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